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Code of conduct



1 Respect for Customers

Always respect the customers’ opinions, understand them, and create values helpful
to customers’ development, recognizing that
customers’ trust and success shape our future.

2 Protection of Investorss

Maximize the investors’ value by realizing
justifiable profits with transparent decision
making and efficient business activities.

3 Happy Workplace

Pursue personal growth and company develop-
ment through balance between work and
personal life and foster a workplace where
everybody works happily through the establish-
ment of a corporate culture of mutual respect.

4 WIN-WIN Cooperation

Establish fair transaction order based on
mutual trust and build a corporate ecosys-
tem for co-existence through win-win
growth with stakeholders.

5 Eco-friendly Management

Build an environmental management system,
bolster the capability to respond to environmen-
tal risk, and carry out eco-friendly management
through open communication.

6 Corporate Citizen

Fulfill the responsibilities and obligations as
a global corporate citizen and contribute to
national and social development.

7 Human Rights Management

Respect human rights, support the relevant
international standards, and uphold human
dignity for all stakeholders through the qualita-
tive improvement of freedom, safety, and life.

8 Management by Principle

As a global company, establish an ethical
corporate culture by conforming to laws and
ethics through business activities that fully
abide by the basics and principles.


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