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Code of conduct



Commemorating the 11th Year of Ethical Standard Declaration

It has already been 11 years since we declared the ethical standard
in 2003 ahead of other companies, and all our
employees have complied with the standard under the
corporate vision of a trusted and respected company.
POSCO A&C’s ethical management means properly operating our
business based on ethical principles and standards in daily work
and business activities and refraining from engaging in any and all unconscientious activities under any and all circumstances.

In commemorating the 11th year of ethical standard declaration,
we have revised our ethical standard in reflection of the global
trend of ethical management and main stakeholder needs.
The global trend of ethical management emphasizes more
coexistent, win-win cooperative and active practices surrounding the corporations, beyond anti-corruption centered, and passive
practices wherein unethical activities are not conducted.
Major stakeholders including investors, international organiza-
tions, and NGOs continuously stress the needs for companies to
respect the local country’s laws and human rights, protect the envi-
ronment, and fulfill social responsibilities in global business.
POSCO A&C intends to complement and execute respect for
human rights, environmental protection, and social responsibilities
at the global company level in response to stakeholder needs,
while reflecting global environmental change.

CEO message

We want to be a model company in the establishment of sounder, more transparent transaction order by prohibiting the receipt of any congratulatory or condolatory money whose receipt from stakeholders is allowed within the KRW 100,000 limit.
The ethical standard system and its revision complementing
respect for human rights, environmental protection, and social
responsibilities are musts for us as a global company, but what is
more important is that all our employees faithfully implement
those in daily life and business activities rather than mere change in format.
Although we are highly rated as a model company with regard to ethical management, it is a non-stop, continuing journey.
I cordially ask all our employees to take to heart the significance of the ethical standard and each one’s mission once more and
practice it ceaselessly.

Jan 1, 2021



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