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Code of conduct



1 Respect for Customers

  • Maximize customer satisfaction by respecting and considering
  • Create customer value with ceaseless innovation of products
    and services.
  • Build trust through precise information offering and customer
    information protection.

2 Protection of Investors

  • Increase corporate value through constant business innova-
    tion and growth strategy.
  • Respect the rights and investment return of shareholders and
    investors and offer the necessary information in a timely
  • Respect shareholders’ rights, justifiable requests, and

3 Happy Workplace

  • Offer a working environment where personal creativity is
    respected and personal capability can be fully exerted.
  • Perform just and fair evaluation and give proper compensa-
    tion for performance.
  • Shape a corporate culture of mutual respect through trust
    and communication between the company and employees.
  • Offer employment conditions at the level required by interna-
    tional standards and local country’s laws and regulations so
    that the employees and their families can lead a happy life.

4 WIN-WIN cooperation

  • Mutually respect trading partners on equal footing and
    practice fair trade.
  • Grow in partner relations by pursuing mutual profits and
    co-development with trading partners.
  • Shape a win-win, cooperative, virtual-cycle corporate ecosys-
    tem with trading partners through active support.

5 Eco-friendly Management

  • Build an environmental management system based on inter-
    national standards.
  • Continuously improve the environment considering all pro-
    cesses of raw material input, product use, and disposal while
    complying with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Minimize the discharge of pollutants by adopting clean pro-
    duction processes and applying optimum environment pollu-
    tion technology.
  • Improve eco-efficiency by building a zero waste society using
    natural resources and byproducts.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of clean
    energy and application of green technology.
  • Pursue sustainability by ensuring management transparency through the disclosure of environmental management perfor-

6 Corporate Citizen

  • Contribute to co-prosperity and development with the nation
    and society by fulfilling responsibilities and obligations in
  • Pursue harmonious concord by respecting the community’s
    laws, cultures, and view of value.
  • Introduce various services for community development and
    actively participate in social volunteer activities including
    volunteer service and disaster relief.

7 Human Rights Management

  • Respect basic human rights and support internationally recog-
    nized human rights standards.
  • Conduct due diligence so that truthful management activities
    that respect human rights can be conducted.
  • Uphold workers’ basic labor rights as guaranteed by interna-
    tional standards and local country’s laws and regulations.
  • Discuss in a timely manner complaints and damages related
    to human rights raised to the company and make an effort to
    solve them.

8 Management by Principle

  • Comply with international standards as well as the local coun-
    try’s laws and regulations related to human rights, labor, envi-
    ronment, culture, and economy.
  • Do not engage in wrongful activities with stakeholders in
    relation to business.
  • Employees do not gain personal profits by using the compa-
    ny’s assets or information.
  • Pursue competition in good faith with competitors and
    conform to fair trading order.
  • Restrict trading with companies conducting illegal activities
    such as tax evasion, illegal accounting, and environmental
  • Do not engage in activities profitable to specific political
    parties or social organizations using the company’s position
    and one’s job.
  • Employees do not engage in any act that damages the compa-
    ny’s dignity.
  • Enact and operate Guidelines for Complying with the Foreign
    Corrupt practices Act, and set forth detailed standards sepa-
    rately for compliance with various laws and regulations includ-
    ing international anti-corruption laws and regulations.


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