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POSCO A&C visualizes buildings in 3D via BIM(Building Information Modeling), manages integrated information on
every geographical feature, infrastructure, and buildings, and moves forward with the optimized eco-friendly urban
planning through simulation analysis. The BIM data can be used in Life Cycle Management from planning, design, and
construction to maintenance. The optimized BIM can minimize problems with the expenses, periods, and
execution of construction and can predict the energy consumption and carbon emissions of a building to achieve
economical and environment-friendly design.

POSCO Green Building

Life Cycle Management

BIM Building Information Modeling
Conceptualized Design,Intensified Design,Interpretation/Analysis,Design Documentation,Preassembly Process,Construction,Planning of Carrying in/out On-site Equipment, Operation and Maintenance,Rebuilding or Disassembling,Programming

3D Fire Safety Management System

POSCO Green Building

With BIM, 3D Fire Safety Management System shows inside and outside of a building structure in 3 dimensions. Thus, building information can be understood quickly when a fire breaks out, which enables systematic response to fires, including evacuation routes, fire suppression, firefighter safety management, and efficient operation.


Featured Work

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