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POSCO A&C, one and only design company in POSCO Group, has created economical and eco-friendly buildings
through design innovation and technological development. POSCO A&C has been pioneering future design fields
through Space Design that realizes creative space and changes paradigms, ‘Steel Structure Design’, and Eco-friendly Design that considers the harmony between nature and human beings.

Culture Content Center in Baetmeori Maeul, Pohang


With its specialized technology, POSCO A&C provides future oriented architecture based on high efficient steel
structure and integrated design system with BIM(Building Information Modeling) as well as adds values to space
based on respect for human life.


Office,Residential(Apartment),Residential(Accommodation),Culture,Hospitality,Health + Wellness,Education + Research,Industrial(Plant),Sports + Recreation,Industrial(Warehouse),Industrial(Logistics),Transportation
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