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POSCO A&C provides the best modular design solution from designing to manufacturing by using steel materials.
The modular design is suitable for facilities that can be standardized types by the combination of repeated units,
such as schools, hospitals, dormitories, and mining accommodations. Because of the changes in nature, modularized
space can be changed depending on the users needs. Based on the performances of MUTO Cheongdam, Roy Hill
Mining accomodation in Australia, ELGA mining Accomodation in Russia, and Mobile Operating Room in Malawi,
POSCO A&C furnishes the most appropriate design for projects.

Unit Design

Basic Modules
1 unit - 21.78 m2 (3.3m X 6.6m)
2 unit - 43.56 m2 (3.3m X 6.6m)X2
Expansion model
3 unit - 65.34 m2 (3.3m X 6.6m)X3
Unit Combinations
PLAN - Type-A,Type-B,Type-C,Type-D
SECTION - Combo-1,Combo-2,Combo-3

MUTO Chungdam Stacking Simulation


Featured Work

MUTO CheongdamNew Caledonia NMC Expansion
Roy Hill Mining Accommodation, AustraliaMalawi Mobile Operating Room

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