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We conduct research on modular system standardization using BIM based on steel structure technology and
apply modular technologies by building test beds in Korea and internationally.

  • R&D of standard model for small-sized modular housing diffusion and market creation due to the increase
    in 1~2-member households
  • R&D to build design, manuals, and BIM through modular unit for mass factory production and auxiliary materials' standardization

Small-sized Standard Model Design

Small-sized standard model design

Modular Housing Manual Establishment

Modular housing manual establishment

Material Standardization / Waste Improvement

Material standardization / Waste improvement

Modular BIM Systemization

Modular BIM systemization

Urban Housing Model (example)

Urban housing model (example)

Single Housing Model (example)

Single housing model (example)


  • Industrialized housing accreditation by ensuring quality through the factory manufacturing and by maximizing the merits of
    mass production
  • State-recognized housing performance accreditation through industrialized housing accreditation system with standard model
    development, various performance tests, and factory production facility optimization.

What is the Industrialized Housing Accreditation System?

Housing (full or partial main structures) built by the Industrialized Method according to the performance and
production standards set forth by the Ordinance of Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs

the industrialization housing accreditation system Table


Single Family House
Performance Standard Structural Safety  Structural Safety 
Fireproof and Firefighting  -
Egrass Safety and Fall Prevention  -
Ventilation and TightnessVentilation and Tightness
Thermal Environment Thermal Environment
Sound Environment -
Durability Durability
Production Standard Due Diligence Evaluation Regarding the Status of Production Facility and Quality Management
(Applies for Both Apartment and Single Family House)

* Revision of the Housing Construction Standard Regulations and Rules (April, 2012)

Meeting the industrialization housing accreditation standards

Merits of Industrialization housing-accredited modular housing

Benefits of the Architecture Act and Housing Act
Authorization, permission, and supervision are not necessary.
Benefits of factory manufacturing
High-quality products offering and construction period reduction
Benefits of eco-friendly construction method
Reducing by 15~20% wastes from temporary construction that can minimize environmental damages (noise, dust, traffic jam) and which can be reused


  • R&D of extension technology applying the modular system according to the rapid increase in domestic remodeling demand
  • Development and activation of the green remodeling market through the extended modules development

Comparison of General Remodeling and Modular Remodeling

Comparison of general remodeling and modular remodeling Table
General Remodeling Customized Remodeling
Residents need to move. Residents can keep staying.
Various types of large-scale demolition Partial demolition
Civil complaints Minimum civil complaints by factory production
Site construction : approx. 2 years Site construction : less than 6 months
(Within about a week for specific construction of each building)
Site construction Factory production and site fabrication
Wet construction Dry construction (high quality)

Conceptual Diagram of Extension Remodeling

Conceptual diagram of extension remodeling

Modular System for Extension

Modular system for extension


Floor System

What is the Lightweight Floor System?

Floor system suitable for residential purposes, enhancing noise insulation performance between floors by making
the concrete floor slab load lightweight and utilizing high-performance floor buffer material using void deck plate



Building System

What is the 3D-Total Frame Infill System?

Factory-manufactured Unit Infill System for Steel Frame Structure

The system seeks to overcome the modular building’s floor building limit (5~6 floors) and pursue high-rise building.

Steel frame structure (SUPPORT SYSTEM : FRAME)+ Factory-manufactured unit = 3D-TOTAL FRAME INFILL SYSTEM


(Floor Height
Reducing Beam)


Securing Optimum Structure Design Technology

Complement the existing beam’s demerits and problems with
technology development.

Consolidation of Steel Structure Competitiveness

Increase competitiveness with our exclusive technology.

  • Manufacturing process
  • Cutting web & upper flange opening
  • Bending lower flange
  • Welding Web
  • welding upper flange
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