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Research on Market Demand-Based Diffusion of New Building Greening

Research on Market Demand-Based Diffusion of New Building Greening Table
Project Name Urban Planning Research
December, 2011 ~ April, 2016 (4 years and 7 months)
Client Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (Ministry of Land, Transportation,
and Maritime Affairs)
POSCO A&C, Yonsei University, Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIST)

[Details Ⅱ] Construction Technology Development to Ensure Green Building’s Quality
Ensuring the quality of green buildings, developing an integrated construction process as well as
construction manuals for eco-friendly construction/management.

  • Build an integrated construction process for the green building.
  • Ensure quality by developing the commissioning method and applying it to test buildings.
  • Develop guidelines and manuals for green building construction and site management.

Green Building Test Bed


Policy(Policy proposal,System improvement,Education effect)
Supervision of test project process
Establishment of IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) process
Feedback of test project results
Market(Demand creation,Economic profit,PR effect)
Cost-benefit analysis model
Establishment of new green architecture commercialization strategy
Development of integrated commercialization system




Develop prototype by architectural type
Develop design, construction, and operation manuals
Develop a step-by-step evaluation method

Green Construction

Ensuring green building quality /Eco-friendly construction and management technology
Construction process,Process management,Eco-friendly site management,Commissioning
  • Design - First year Pro-construction International green building construction technology analysis
  • Construction - Second year,Thirdly year(Test bed construction site application and feedback) Green construction process development,Process manual development
  • Operation - Fourth year Development Guidelines·Manuals/ Eco-friendly site and environmental management techniques development, Fifth year Utilization ·Technology commercialization / Commissioning techniques development



Research on the Performance Evaluation of Green Building Energy Reduction

Research on the Performance Evaluation of Green Building Energy Reduction Table
Project name Research on Evaluation of Green Building Energy Reducing Performance
May, 2011 ~ December, 2012 (20 months)
Client RIST
Our Research

Optimized Simulation Design of Green Building Energy Reduction

Drawing energy reduction design on green office (80% and 60% energy reduction models),
green Apartment (100%, 60%, and 20% reduction models), and green-modular housing (60% reduction model) through the identification of energy performance elements and energy performance evaluation

Application of Passive (Natural Ventilation) Technology

Application of passive (natural ventilation) technology

Simulation of Sun Radiation and Wind Amount

Sun radiation and wind amount simulation

Atrium Air Current Analysis (CFD)

Atrium Air Current Analysis (CFD)

Lighting Analysis Simulation

Lighting Analysis Simulation

Development of Low-Carbon Green Growth Public Design Using Sunlight and Bike

Development of Low-Carbon, Green Growth Public Design in Jeungpyeong-gun using Sun and Bike Table
Project Name Knowledge Economy Technology Innovation Project
April ~ November, 2009 (8 months)
Client Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Our Research

Development of Bike Station

Based on cutting-edge modular system design combining eco-friendly materials and alternative energy ope-
ration, developing public design in line with the local government’s master plan for bicycle use activation and
green new deal project by supporting a bike service station equipped with nature-friendly aesthetics and
total service function

Bike Station by Region

  • Seocho-gu (Naebang Station)
  • Seocho-gu (Sadang Station)
  • Gangnam-gu (Samseong Station)
  • Gangnam-gu (Suseo Station)
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