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Research on

POSCO A&C presents creative alternatives such as green technology research for sustainable growth, green modeling
business discovery, and business department-customized consulting. It also realizes eco-friendly architecture that
enhances values while promoting the co-existence of humans, architecture, and cities.

  • Green technology research for commercialization through IPD
  • Database of some 200 green technologies and system utilization
  • Element performance and simulation review to ensure optimized performance of green technology

Principles of Green

  • C.I.E - Coexistence/Innovation/Evolution
  • 4R - Recycle/ Reuse/ Reduce/ Regeneration
  • Goal - co2 down, Low Environment Effect, Cost Reduce! Sustainable Architecture

5 Key Solutions

  • IPD(Integrated Project Delivery) - OWNER,Engineer,cm,ARCHITECT
  • Factor technology development and application -Some 200 factor technologies
  • Possession of technology and research DB -Database analysis process
  • Domestic and international eco-friendly certification review -POSCO Future Center
  • Energy simulation - CFD analysis

Integrated Project Delivery

Achievement of design and energy performance goal through integrated project delivery

Design and performance achievement

  • Strategy for operation
  • Strategy for construction
  • Construction Documents, contract document
  • Material selection
  • Machine system design
  • Electricity, lighting design
  • Skin design
  • Monitoring
  • Program review : Goal·Strategy
  • Organizing a design team
  • Design workshop
  • Considering the land development issue
  • Concept design
  • Structure design


Test Bed for
Green Building
  • Research on market demand-based diffusion of the existing building greening
  • Construction technology development to ensure green building quality
  • Research on green building’s energy consumption-reducing performance

Research on ensuring green building quality through simulation tool, data analysis, and diffusion of building greening

  • Climate Analysis
  • Energy Simulation Analysis 1
  • Energy Simulation Analysis 2
  • Energy Simulation Analysis 3
  • Energy Simulation Analysis 4
POSCO Green Building Test Bed


on Green

Research on an Existing Building’s Energy Use and Performance Improvement

  • Participation in the green modeling project implemented by the government: Candidate company for green remodeling
  • Technology research on the improvement/repair of worn-out buildings
  • Revenue structure creation of energy-saving buildings

Measures to Activate Business

Creative Communication & Collaboration

Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy - ESCO business / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport - Emissions trading
Certified emission reduction, Green Remodeling, Emissions trading

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Certificate of Registration
as Candidate Green Remodeling Company

Certificate of Registration as Candidate Green Remodeling Business

Expected Effects of Green Remodeling

  • Energy Saving- Reducing energy consumption in the building sector, Expanding power supply
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction -Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, 30% saving vs. 2020 BAU
  • Job Creation - Expanding numbers of jobs in the relevant industry, Creating green jobs in the relevant industry
  • Discovery of New Growth Engine - Expanding green remodeling market, Promoting and reinforcing core business
  • Creative Korea- Realizing Creative economy, Creating various business models

Green Remodeling Sectors

Realizing people’s happiness through creative circulation remodeling as a total solution provider!

B2G · Education Facility

  • Construction during vacation with
    the Pre-fab modular method
  • Stabilizing students' school life and
    ensuring high quality·performance

B2C · Apartment

  • Minimizing move with
    step-by-step circulation
  • Improving energy efficiency by
    using high-efficiency steel curtain

B2B · Large Corporation

  • Remodeling facilities possessed by large corporations
  • Funding corporate capital
  • Offering energy incentives


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