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Definition of

The process for professional management applied to a construction project from project inception to completion for the purpose of
controlling time, cost, scope, and quality. [Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)]

With the purpose of reducing construction costs and periods as well as improving the quality, this is a new professional management
or contracting method : a client requests the whole or part of construction management of a project to an experienced
construction manager equipped with expertise. [The Construction management Association of Korea]

CM can be defined as comprehensive and vigorous construction management activities for a project from planning, feasibility study, analysis, procurements, contracts, supervision to evaluations and maintenance.
[Article 2-6, Framework Act on the Construction Industry]

Construction Manager- Time Saving, Cost Saving, Quality Assurance(Cost management,Scheduling,Q/C,Claim Management,Risk Management,Safety Management)


Why is CM

Experience Expertise in Construction Management

Complement the lack of experts in the construction management of a client.

Efficient Execution of Project Costs

Review economical design and suitability by involving from design phase.

Draw the optimal project costs as an alternative by selecting an economical construction method and VE.

Induce minimized maintenance expenses by reviewing the adequacy of construction costs in the terms of LCC (Life Cycle Cost).

Optimized Construction Management

Efficient construction management of structure, the execution of works, construction, construction methods,
interferes, etc., in design/construction steps.

Ensure building quality by executing the works and minimizing the errors.

Execute on the construction schedule by the optimal construction process management.

Value Improvement

cm is expensive cm business management method, but to increase the value by complementing the reduction of construction costs from the management system of our existing businesses, improve the quality of construction, shortening the construction period, the expertise of the ordering party


CM Works
Per Phase


  • Set up project plan, feasibility study, Analysis, etc.
  • Analyze budget and construction costs.
  • Manage project procedure manuals and operational plans (quality, safety, process, etc.).


  • Assist in designers selection.
  • Establish ordering plans for construction equipment/materials.
  • Review the economic feasibility of design and conduct value engineering.
  • Manage design schedules and payments, correct design, and review design interferences.

Contract Procurement

  • Host contract-related meetings or sign and perform contracts.
  • Write and submit reports.
  • Prepare requirements and instructions for contracts.


  • Manage process/safety/quality/environment on each construction step.
  • Evaluate budget, project cost management, and payments.
  • Manage claims or complaints / project cost /quality /process.
  • Manage design changes or change orders.
  • Manage as-built drawings.


  • Prepare and submit the final construction costs / the final report.
  • Establish maintenance policies and plans or prepare the maintenance instruction manual.
  • Cooperate with technologies to fix defects.


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