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Time Saving

Shorten the project period by putting construction scheduling experts throughout the project.

  • Apply simultaneous design and construction (Fast Track).
  • Lead smooth progress of construction by assisting in critical decision making on time.
  • Predict factors that delay project schedule, such as design change, claims, etc., and take countermeasures.
  • Run weekly and monthly meetings and check the work progress.
  • Perform process management by putting construction scheduling experts.
  • Management System
  • Expert Scheduler
  • Fast-Track
  • Coordination
  • Time Management

Ulsan World Cup

Project period reduced by 6.4 %

Songdo Global R&D Center

Project period reduced by 7.7 %

Posteel Tower

Project period reduced by 16.6 %


Cost Saving

Improve functions and reduce project costs based on accumulated expertise and experience.

  • Review cost saving measures.
  • Prevent additional costs of design and construction.
  • Reduce project cost through value engineering.
  • Analyze and control designs within the budget.
  • Reduce construction cost and period by applying POSCO A&C integrated project delivery system

(Songdo Office)

Construction cost reduced by about15.7billion KRW Saved amount: 15.7 billion KRW Actual Construction Cost: 300 billion KRW Total Cost: 315.7 billion KRW

Songdo Global R&D Center

Construction cost reduced by about 6.74billion KRW Saved amount: 6.74 billion KRW Actual Construction Cost: 193.26 billion KRW Total Cost: 200 billion KRW

Forest Aviation Headquarters

Construction cost reduced by about 3billion KRW Saved amount: 3 billion KRW Actual Construction Cost: 45.1 billion KRW Total Cost: 48.1 billion KRW


Quality ·
Safety ·
Business Ethics


Provide excellent quality secured with its 40-year accumulated expertise and systematic quality management systems.

  • 40-year accumulated quality management know-how
  • Technical support by the headquarters’ structure / process / quality / VE / BIM teams.
  • The quality innovation department's organizational and systematic quality control.
  • Strict execution and guide/supervision of quality management.
POSCO A&C Quality management
Expertise Strict,guide·supervision, Technical support
BIM,Value Engineering,Department,LCC,ISO9000


Investigate risk factors in advance and apply for industrial accident prevention system to promote worker’s safety
and health care.

  • Strict on-site safety management with preunderstanding of project risk factors and undertaking countermeasures.
  • Application of the OHSAS 18001 health care and safety management systems.
  • Sustained occupational education and management with the aim of no accident and injury records.
  • Application of the industrial accident prevention systems.
Awarded the 2013 Global Standard Management Awards

Business Ethics

Ensure business transparency and fulfill contract credibility for ethical management and win-win partnerships.

  • Secure transparent management via ethical management.
  • Fair trades with partners / suppliers/ customers.
  • Develop strategic CSR and social contribution activities.
  • Observe business ethics by performing sustained ethical education and practices.
  • Respect Humans Protect the Environment
  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable Ethical education
Ethical management Virtuous cycle
Increased faithful customers
Ethical management
Secured business transparency
Win-win growth with partners
improved Goods and services
Customer satisfaction


Featured Work

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