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Based on architectural competence, POSCO A&C swiftly responds to up to date trends in the construction market by
providing high value-added products combined with the POSCO’s high-quality steel-based steel curtain wall and
designed building materials with functions. Also, it provides solutions for architectural skin that meet customer’s
needs by developing eco-friendly and energy-saving material products in association with new technologies specific to
designs(engineering) and construction conditions and applying them to sites.

Develop high-quality and unique products and retain technical capability.

Hold original products in cooperation with (RIST), and promote the development of its products (R&D).

Have technical records throughout the processes of planning/design/manufacturing/construction/maintenance.
and engineers in each work type.

Professional technology and capacity for quality control in the areas of design/construction/CM

Serve as a Total Solution Provider by PEDPCOM system.

Develop technologies via procurement (material production) and realize a virtuous circle by linking design and construction.

Building Total BuildingSolution

Business Planning
Planning Engineering
Business Development/Design·Work·CM
Design Procurement Construction
Operation Maintenance

Virtuous Cycle from Manufacturing to Construction to Building Material

Technical Development
Original technology
Product Application[Engineering]
technical standardization
Technical systematization(Applied technology)


Featured Work

Steel Curtain Work at POSCO Green BuildingUrban-type Apartment/Officetel 'DUO302'Steel Curtain Work at Ilsan Hanwha aqua planetJeju Moneual Cloud Space

Steel Curtain Wall Architectural Skin
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