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Design Build


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Design Build

Based on POSCO A&C’s existing services, design and CM, POSCO A&C strives to become a Total Solution Provider
through Design Build Service combined with construction.
Design Build means the integration of entities in charge of design and construction into a single contractor.
This is designed to suggest the best building to customers, based on accumulated experience and technical capability
through various projects; eco-friendly design through the optimal use of POSCO Family’s new technologies,
construction methods, and steels; systematic technology based on BIM and construction technologies through
integrated design systems.

Design + Construction

This method is intended to deliver the best-quality building by designer’s participation during construction and selecting the best
construction method by means of a design/construction contract en bloc.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Design Build Contract
  • optimal construction method
  • Fast Track System

Alternative Design + Construction

This method is designed to suggest the optimal design alternative by reviewing the existing design, reduce the construction
period and explore items to save construction cost through VE (Value Engineering).

Design Plus Optimal design review

Existing design Original
Suggest the optimal design
Maximize space (rented area)
Suggest construction methods

VE Value Engineering

Construction Build
Apply new technology and methods
Apply earthquake-resistant design
Explore items to reduce construction periods
Explore items to reduce cost


Design Build

Design Build

Time Saving
Carrying out design with Fast Track system enables not only to reduce existing construction period dramatically but also to deliver error free construction by having the architect join in the process POSCO IPD(Integrated Project Delivery) SYSTEM has reduced the existing construction period by 60%
Best Quality
Based on advanced technical ability through expertise in design, CM and an excellent capability of construction, and creative ideas, POSCO Family’s new technology, construction method, and steels grade deliver top-notch quality.
Cost Saving
Along with the time-saving and long-standing accumulated designs, the application of CM technology-based alternative designs and construction methods reduce more than 10% of the cost.


Design Build’s
Main Service


  • Corporate Buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Educational/Research Centers
  • Logistics Facilities
  • Mixed Use
  • Cultural Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Plants
  • Renovation/Interior
  • Sports Complex


  • Apartment Complex

Building Material 

  • Steel Curtain Wall
  • Architectural Skin/Materials


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