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Cyber Reporting


POSCO A&C operates the checklist for law violation by type, which reflects the business characteristics.

  • Violation of Disclosure

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  • Violation of Unjust Insider Trading

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  • Violation of the Subcontracting Act

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  • Bid Rigging

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    Behavior Rules to Prevent CARTELS

    • First, meeting competitors may arouse suspicion as a cartel.

      - Because rival companies are not partners but competitors, meeting them should be avoided to prevent any misapprehension.

      - Contacting competitors for simply collecting information may also cause misapprehension.

    • Second, do not consult about prices and market trends in gatherings including business group meetings.

      - Do not discuss anything that may cause misapprehension, including prices and market trends, even during the government’s
        administrative guidance.

    • Third, you have to clearly express an objection to any behavior that may arouse suspicion of a cartel even during unavoidable

      - It is necessary to express your opposite intention so as to demonstrate it subsequently and take follow-up measures after
        consulting with experts.

    • Fourth, do you review whether external PR materials include any contents against laws in advance?

      - It is necessary to examine PR materials that may influence prices in advance, including price increase and change to the status 
        of supply and demand.

    • Fifth, it is essential to deal with tasks and prepare documents based on the compliance program (CP).

      - It is better to always clarify sources of information in relation to competitors.

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