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Collaborative CM
Collaborative CM

The plant project requires efficiency in management and maintenance. As such, this is considered as a method of
exclusively managing the construction to allow client’s sufficient review (client’s know-how).
This is a method of cooperating with client’ experts; that is, the client is responsible for management and maintenance
while construction manager is in charge of construction.

Service Structure

Plant construction project


  • Manage the overall business.
  • Execute the budget.
  • Review the appropriateness of facility composition
  • Order equipment and manage manufacturing and the payment term.
  • Review efficiency in operation and maintenance.


Project Manager (POSCO A&C)

  • Review the appropriateness of expenses before placing an order.
  • Review construction documents (construction methods, unit prices, economic feasibility).
  • Manage the progress of projects in terms of process, safety, environment, quality, etc.
  • Manage the design schedule of Fast Track system
  • Manage the work of external supervisors.

Service Types

  • Process

    • Feasbility Study
    • Order equipment
    • Schementic design
    • Construction Documentation
    • Construction management
    • Dry run & Completion
  • management

    • Client
    • Client, Project Manager (POSCO A&C) - ① Cost ② Process ③ Quality ④ Safety ⑤ Environment
    • Client
  • Performer

    • Equipment supplier
    • Designer
    • Contractor
    • Supplier, Subcontractor
  • Perform construction management(civil engineering/architecture/machine/electricity)

Expected Effects

  • The combination of efficient construction management and economical operation enables projects to be successfully delivered.
  • This realizes the required quality, so that plants can be operated and maintained well.
Integrated CM


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