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Corporate Responsibility


CSV Model
Shared Value)
  • POSCO A&C creates corporate long-term values and simultaneously offers the IDEA and SOLUTION of CSV (Creating Shared Value)
    model to contribute to society and maximize synergy.
  • The CSV model of POSCO A&C puts social value first and offers solutions suitable for the assistance-receiving country or
    assistance-receiving target in the long term point of view.
INNOVATION Idea & Solution by POSCO A&C
Corporate profits
Social values

R&D - Research·Develop Solutions - POSCO A&C - Collaborate - International relief organization, Non-governmental organization, Habitat for Humanity, POSCO Family, Private-Public companies



POSCO Family Synergy Project 

Synergy Businesses of POSCO Family

POSCO Dream Village in Vietnam

POSCO Family undertakes the POSCO Family Village project to address the problem of poor residential environment and bad sanitary problems in Vung Tau Province in Vietnam.
POSCO Family including POSCO A&C, POSCO ICT, and POSCO
SS as well as POSCO participate in the project; POSCO Family
plans to support local residents by building 85 houses by 2015.
Not only we contribute to solving the residential problem of the
underprivileged in the areas where we do business, but also
we do CSV activity to expand the local business as well.
POSCO Family won the 2012 grand prize in the Social
Responsibility Management Awards for the foreign companies
with investment in Vietnam


Private-Public Collaboration Project

Private-Public Collaboration Project

Mobile Operation Room in Malawi, Africa

We have developed a mobile ophthalmic operating room in
Malawi, Africa by using technology suitable for regional
conditions in the third world. It is a collaborative project with
Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation and Yonsei
University Health System(YUHS) in charge of the planning
and operation by KOICA (Korea International Cooperation
Our mobile operation room is divided into operating
room and preparation room. The technology developed by POSCO A&C that reduces the vibration of the operating room, was jointly applied for patent with YUHS.


Habitat Collaboration Project

Habitat Collaboration Project

Rental Housing: House of Hope in Ulleung-do, Korea

After signing an MOU with Ulleung-gun, Habitat Korea, and MBC
in July, 2012, We have implemented a housing project to improve the residential environment of low-income neighbors suffering from residential difficulty in Ulleung-do due to the high construction cost and transportation expenses.
The rental housing, House of Hope in Ulleung-do, is about 20
modular units with 3 stories (total floor area: 581.85㎡)
Occupancy started in June, 2014.


Habitat Collaboration Project2

Rental Housing for Students in Seodaemun-gu:
Dreaming Attic in Korea

According to Seodaemun-gu's promotion of rental housing
for college students in Seodaemun-gu, we designed and
constructed 27 units of rental housing for collegians in
cooperation with the Seoul Chapter of Habitat Korea
(21 units for two people, 6 units for one person).
Each unit is a fully furnished studio type, which offers kitchen,
bathroom, air conditioner, bed, washing machine,
refrigerator, sink, and desk. The first rental period is two years,
but currently enrolled students can reside in the housing for up
to four years.


International Relief Organization

International Relief Organization

Disaster Relief Housing (proposal)

POSCO A&C proposed disaster relief housing with merits in
steel design based on POSCO steels.
The size is 3m X 9m(27㎡); transportation is easy, with the housing designed to be built for construction within half a day
by two adults.



Pro Bono

We contribute to a healthy architectural society as well as cultural development through active communication with our society and
other sectors – centered on architecture – and fulfill our corporate social responsibility through volunteer work for the underprivileged
and community. We are leading the way to foster a healthy society via architecture by nurturing new architects to lead Korea’s future.

Talent Donation

Talent Donation

We undertake architecture and design activities in reflection of
our corporate characteristics and employees’ talents.
We strive to foster a culture that can contribute employees’
talents such as mural in public facilities, operating study room
for design, and making a library for the regional children’s center.

Architectural Society Contribution

Architectural Society Contribution

We make contributions to architectural culture and societal
development by hosting the children’s architectural school,
and we have participated in the design of ‘House of Love’
project offered to senior citizens living alone with our modular
system. This way, we focus on social contribution activities
and strive to improve the residential environment including
worn-out housing repair.

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

We undertake various environmental conservation activities
including environmental clean-up of local cultural asset park,
removal of harmful substances in the river, and clean-up of
mountain hiking path using recycled products.



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