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POSCO Family Partnership



POSCO A&C operates a variety of partnership programs to take off toward a bright future together with all stakeholders
including partners and customers. It intends to grow together with partners based on ethical management philosophy.

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  • POSCO Family’s partnership activities start from the trust of stakeholders.
  • POSCO Family’s identity is based on all stakeholders such as suppliers and customers.
  • We value trust more, in case of conflict between trust from stakeholders and POSCO Family’s profit.
POSCO the Great

Technological Process

We strive to improve the technological process of our partners including joint technology development, private-public
common technology development, joint patent application, technology license grant, and technology escrow to secure
the global competitiveness of the supply chain by improving technological competitiveness of the supply chain with our partners.

Financial Support

We operate a special fund for partnership, a prize guarantee program, the POSCO Family network loan,
and the early payment of traditional holiday funds to solve fund shortage and promote the flow among partners.

Purchase Cooperation

Based on relationships of trust with our partners, we operate a benefit sharing system and a small and medium
business-customized consulting program.


We endeavor to nurture partners' talents including cyber education/training support through small and medium
business occupational training consortium (specialized area curricula such as management/leadership, machinery,
electricity, and metal), BIM e-learning sponsorship, and safety training assistance.


4 Guidelines

As part of measures to overcome the recent bipolarization between large corporations and small and medium businesses (SMBs),
strict enforcement of the Subcontracting Act is necessary to establish transparent, fair subcontracting trading order.
As a more fundamental solution, however, autonomous and fair trading practices are required between the parties concerned.
Therefore, we enacted four guidelines to lay the fair trading practice foundation in trading between large corporations and SMBs,
and use of these guidelines is recommended.

4 Guidelines

  • desirable contracting for partnership between large corporations and SMBs
  • selecting and operating partner
  • setting up and operating the Internal Deliberation Committee for Subcontracting
  • desirable document issuance and preservation

We adopt and comply with the guideline for desirable contracting between large corporations and SMBs to
conduct fair trade from the contracting to the performance stage.

  • Decide the adequate delivery deadline for normal practices through sufficient consultation and agree through consultation
    with partners in case tighter delivery deadline is set than usual on account of emergency order.
  • Apply/Adjust reasonable unit price(adoption of delivery money adjustment standard and procedure) including the
    reflection of increase in raw material prices, exchange rate fluctuation, and price hike factors.
  • Prohibit the improper trade practice of cutting prices.

We adopt and comply with the guideline for selecting (registering) and operating partners for the selection and
operation of fair and objective partners.

  • Guarantee the fairness and transparency of the selection (registration) and cancellation standards of partners.
    (making standards and procedures public).
  • Notice the deliberation result of partners selection (registration).
  • All registered subcontractors should be granted a fair chance in bidding.

We adopt and comply with the guideline for setting up and operating partners for the selection and
operation of fair and objective partners.

  • Organize the Internal Deliberation Committee for Subcontracting
    (three people or more including executive in charge of subcontracting).
  • Pre-deliberate on contracting and pricing of KRW 200 million or more for service and KRW 1 billion or more for construction.
  • Deliberate on the adequacy of the selection, registration, and cancellation standards for partners.
  • Operate the Unfair Trade Report Center.

We adopt and operate the guideline for desirable document issuance and preservation to establish the document
issuance and preservation practice in the subcontracting.

  • Issue seven documents: subcontracting agreement (including additional and change agreements), document to confirm
    subcontracting, receipt certificate of the object, inspection result notice, amount reduction document, request for 
    technical data and contract change details notice.
  • If a subcontractor applies for subcontract cost subsidy according to the price change of raw materials other than the seven
    documents above, the details of application and consultation details, document containing the adjustment amount and
    adjustment reasons, and – in case raw materials necessary for manufacturing the object are offered to the general contractor,
    and the amount is deducted from the subcontract cost – the seven documents including the documents containing the details
    of the raw materials, deduction date, and deduction amount and reasons are preserved for three years pursuant to Article 3.1
    of the Subcontracting Act.



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