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Health and

We pursue accident-free sites based on respect for human life to realize a sound
safety culture.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy - korean

Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy  - english

POSCO A&C Health and Safety Management Policy (in OHSAS 18001 Manual)


Safety Vision

Safety culture based on mutual trust.

Major implementations to run accident-free sites(zero accident based on respect for humans)

  • Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001)

    Comply with the requirements of OHSAS 18001. Comply with risk assessment. Conform to manuals, processes, and procedures. Conform to health and safety organizations and system.

  • Autonomous, continuous accident-free activities

    Operate an annual safety training plan (managers/workers). Evaluate of safety management activity level and do regular/special inspection Conduct TBM(Tool Box Meeting), review checklist, and experience training. Conduct council meetings and joint safety inspection.

  • Establishment of procedures for coping with crisis and aking preventive actions

    Establish countermeasures to cope with emergency disasters. Build crisis management process and procedures. Establish measures on each step for the climate situation. Build the organization and emergency response system.

  • Operation of a safe working environment

    Apply the standard process of safe facilities. Fundamentally improve hazard and risk factors. Operate an integrated control system (CCTV). Operate an out system (weeding out system).


Safety Activities

Participatory trainingHarmony arena Motivation with various reward systems

  • Regulations of the guideline safety facility installation and maintenance(Build the working environment in safe, comfortable state.)
  • Conducting training for employees of partner company (Support safety training and materials.)
  • safety poster contest within the company (Award-winning poster to be distributed to POSCO Family.)



Grand Prize in the 2013 Global Standard Management Awards (Safety Management Sector)

POSCO A&C won the grand prize in the 2013 Global Standard
Management Awards (safety management sector) hosted by
KMA for the first time among POSCO Family companies.
The excellence of our health and safety management system was recognized externally.

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