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R&D Center



Sustainable and Innovative R&D

Sustainable and Innovative R&D

The POSCO A&C R&D Center pursues technological
competitiveness via product development based on
sustainability and development for commercialization.
We continuously discover new future-oriented
technologies for commercialization.

  • Energy-saving technology for building
  • Pre-fab (modular, steel curtain wall) technology
  • Green remodeling technology
  • National projects and general projects



R&D Based Solution Center

R&D-based Solution Center

We pursue customized consulting through the analysis of
business department needs based on the project to be
executed. We play a role as the solution center for green
building design/construction technology and pre-fab
system development considering practical values with humans and architecture co-existing.

  • Customized eco-friendly consulting
  • Execution project-based technology consulting
  • Technology consulting through research projects



Technology Management and New Biz Discovery

Technology management and new biz discovery

We carry out performance management according to
the mid- and long-term technology development roadmap through strategic technology planning
and management and secure and manage intellectual property rights such as patents and new technology designation.
We also make a DB of the latest technology trends and information and strive to discover new growth engines via new biz discovery based on accumulated R&D technological process.

  • Securing and managing intellectual property rights
    (new technology/patent)
  • Building technology trend and database
  • Discovering R&D-based new biz


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