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Vision and Core Values

The POSCO Quality -First-class quality that moves even the customer’s soul

Beyond Quality - Building POSCO A&C-style quality system

  • Customer Inside- Creating Customer value
  • Basic Inside -Putting importance on the basics and principles
  • Synergy Inside - Pursuing win-win growth of trust and communication


The POSCO Quality -First-class quality that moves even the customer’s soul

Beyond Quality - Building POSCO A&C-style quality system

  • Customacer Inside- Building a customer value system
  • Basic Inside - Ensuring quality competitiveness through collaboration between business sectors
  • Synergy Inside - Diffusing a win-win growth culture



“We realize customer satisfaction and customer value with continuous
quality activity improvement by building and practicing an optimum Quality Management System.”

Quality Management System

The company adopts a process approach method to meet customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction, and
develop, implement, and improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The (document documents and records management and understanding of the process) quality management system, utilizing grasp Communication Management Review (Performance Evaluation) management responsibilities, and resource responsibility and authority to set policies and goals, and ensure, of human resources There is a realization of the product to the management resource management communication management and review responsibilities and authority to (performance evaluation), business plans and orders, project execution plan purchasing management, management measurement and monitoring equipment of production and services, and customer needs by operating a quality management system with the continuous improvement of quality management system by management to reflect the expectations, and customer satisfaction.


Management Strategy

  • Operate KPI (Key Performance Indicator)of quality management strategic tasks.
  • Upgrade quality through POSCO Family quality management diagnosis.
  • Maintain ISO Quality Management system.

Customer Satisfaction Research

  • Perform on all the completed projects in whole units.
  • Collect the VOC of clients and partners and analyze the customer satisfaction results.
  • Consolidate feedback per business sector.

Quality Management

  • Proceed with/conduct follow-up quality management through the operation of a specialized engineer
    pool system.
  • Review the quality of construction documents: Fully implement on architectural and modular
  • On-site quality inspection: Run sound sites through the step-by-step construction inspection nationwide.
  • Conduct on-site autonomous quality activity.

Quality Training and Infrastructure Establishment

  • Foster QMS experts and internal auditors.
  • Invite QM experts and hold technology seminars (training to share defect cases).
  • Support to acquire and maintain standard document system and recognized quality standard
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