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Dongtan Ⅱ Woonam 'FIRSTVILL'
  • Location

    Dongtan, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

  • Type


  • Site Area

    86,576 ㎡

  • Gross Area

    208,524 ㎡

  • Floors

    B1F~20 & 37F

  • Client


  • Year

    2012 ~ 2014

  • Structure

    Reinforced Concrete Structure

  • Service


  • Description

    A15 Block belongs to the pilot community complex of the specially planned area within the new town and has more favorable location conditions with more convenient access to the Metropolitan Business Complex than other blocks. POSCO A&C alone was selected at the design competition of POSCO Construction. Under the '3-Vista' plan that connects cities to nature, all households face south, and a plan on the external area of the complex is to connect the entry yard, outer yard, inner yard, and central plaza together for a maximized residential community.

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