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POSCO ICT Cloud Data Center
  • Location

    Hwagok-ri, Judeok-eup, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

  • Type


  • Gross Area


  • Floors


  • Client


  • Year

    2012 ~ 2012

  • Structure

    Reinforced Concrete Structure

  • Service

    Design, G&S

  • Description

    This data center in Chungju, NEXPOLIS, is designed to maintain 24-hour uninterruptible power supply and protect the server against external disasters in consideration of earthquake resistance, stability, and security. It was begun as the first step of attracting overseas company servers from managing the existing POSCO Family servers and networks. The facade shows the design concept by barcoding the important numbers (merging and foundation dates) of POSCO ICT merged from POSDATA with POSCON in 2010. This barcode type facade illuminates at night to emphasize the dynamic data center that ceaselessly works all year round. -Smart Data Center: The Chungju Cloud Data Center provides ceaseless services for 24/7 even in emergency settings including earthquakes and flooding, based on cutting-edge systems and infrastructure. -Green Data Center: Adopting energy saving solutions to manage power consumption for each rack and energy saving air-and water-cooling systems, and applying high-efficiency electrical equipment including LED lightings.

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