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Mobile Operating Room, Malawi
  • Location

    Will be driven around in Africa

  • Type

    Health + Wellness

  • Floors

    2.9m(W) X 10m(D) X 3.0(H)

  • Client

    Severance Hospital

  • Year

    2013 ~ 2013

  • Structure

    Steel Structure (Unit Type)

  • Service

    Modular System

  • Description

    This project is for the prevention of blindness within Africa. Many organizations made this project possible; It was Severance Hospital who will run the project in Malawi with the funds raised by KOICA & Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation. POSCO A&C took charge of the design and manufacturing. This Mobile Operating Room will play a huge role in the 'Blind Zero Movement' within Africa.

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