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POSCO Green Building
  • Location

    Yonsei Univ. Songdo 1(il)-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

  • Type


  • Site Area

    613,172 ㎡

  • Gross Area

    5,571 ㎡

  • Floors

    [Office Bldg.] B1~5F & [Residence Bldg.] B1F~3F

  • Client

    [Contract/Order] POSCO&RIST, [Client] Yonsei Univ.

  • Year

    2011 ~ 2013

  • Structure

    Steel Structure, Reinforced Concrete Structure

  • Awards

    BIM Awards ┃ Best Practice

  • Service


  • Description

    This project is a green smart building meeting the government’s low-carbon green growth policy. It is a TEST-BED of offices, apartment houses, and the modules in Songdo International Campus of Yonsei University to create demands of POSCO steels and energy-saving; 111 green technologies applied. Energy reduction models ranging from 60 to 100% in the building were developed. It would create a new steel demands for POSCO; develop energy-saving housing products by POSCO E&C; secure eco-friendly design technologies by POSCO A&C; and develop green IT solutions and building energy management system (BEMS) by POSCO ICT.

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