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Beijing POSCO Center
  • Location

    Beijing, China

  • Type


  • Site Area

    20,021 ㎡

  • Gross Area

    162,557 ㎡

  • Floors

    [A] 33F & [B] 25F

  • Client


  • Year

    2012 ~ 2014

  • Structure

    Steel Structure, Steel Framed Reinforced Concrete Structure, Reinforced Concrete Structure

  • Consortium

    Gansam A&P

  • Service


  • Description

    This Beijing POSCO Center Consisting of two 33 & 25 story towers with a slim podium, plays a role as a gateway to Beijing and a venue of communication and exchange between Korea and China. The design concept is 1. Gateway, a symbol of POSCO’s global gateway toward the world; 2. Dynamic Wave, which creates a dynamic and vital space image; and 3. POSCO Way, which represents flow and communication. The atrium, the first impression of the building, represents as a steel tree to symbolize the steel making company, POSCO, combined with a media art device that shows 21st-century space organization. Two tower facades embody the high-tech image of POSCO via dynamically changing glass pins. Also a state-of-the-art intelligent building shows the image of POSCO that is dynamically soaring toward the world.

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