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To build sound buildings with full of our soul and technologies required by the contemporary era is
the very dream of POSCO A&C for a better human life than that in the previous times,
led in spaces proudly shaped by the company.

Mission Creating Another Dream Society
As a company putting high priority on constant communication and trust with clients, we create New Dream Spaces based on creative ideas and unquenchable thirst for challenge.
Vision Beyond One-Stop Service for Better Space
For the Creation of Better Life Space To Create Better Life Space We conduct all architectural Services from planning, design, and construction to supervision and maintenance to provide beyond customer satisfaction.


  • Harmony Management - We are all one.
  • Creative Management - Innovative ideas
  • First-Class Management - Pursuit as the world’s no. 1



Pioneer of Future Architectural Culture

  • Provide total solution service.
  • Expand services to eco-friendly and energy saving architecture.

Image Maker of POSCO Family

  • Serve as an innovative Design Center.
  • Lead commercialization of new technologies and new steels created by POSCO Family.

Leader of Construction Industry

  • Expand business values through technology convergence.
  • Create customer values through service quality improvement.
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