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KIM, WOO GI President

KIM, WOO GI President
POSCO A&C began CM (Construction Management) in 1970 as a subsidiary company of POSCO. Since then, it has been growing as a unique Total Solution Provider in Korea, providing complete services from design to construction.

Architecture, which has evolved along the path of human history, can be considered as a container that embodies our lives. Our dream is to carry out our mission, “Beyond One-stop Service for a Better Space”, for the betterment of mankind.
  • KIM, SANG AEK - Head of Smart Housing Business Office
  • YOON, SEOK WON - Head of Internal Control Office
  • CHOI, DONG MIN - Head of Corporate Planning Office
  • KIM, DONG KEUN - Head of Architecture Design Business Office
  • LEE, JUNG SUK - Head of Hightech Construction Management Business Office
  • LEE, JI HUN - Head of Architecture Construction Management Business Office
  • KIM, WOO HYEON - Head of Plant Construction Management Business Office


We Make a Design, Make a Future

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