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  • Professionalism

    People who would plan and execute the work
    self-directedly and be willing to take consequences
    to create values in the organization.

  • Innovative Thinking

    People who are not satisfied with where they are;
    equipped with critical mind to achieve organizational
    goals; and ceaselessly striving to fulfill their duties
    with creative thoughts to attempt new change and

  • Global Competence

    People with global competence to lead the era
    of globalization and with an open mind to
    swiftly respond to dramatically changing



POSCO A&C provides various training programs, such as career development systems, mentoring programs,
FUNdi cultivation, leadership education, job trainings,
and many others to cultivate creative learning culture.

  • Individual Development Program: IDP

    This program is intended to aggressively assist employees set goals needed for self-development and
    establish plans to execute them so that they can enhance their competitiveness and equip themselves
    with expertise in fields. This will cultivate excellent talent with improved individual competence and
    maximized performances.

  • 1:1 Mentoring Program

    With the aim not only to help new recruits be accustomed to their work but also to cultivate senior
    staff’s leadership, this mentoring program matches new recruits and senior staff so that techniques
    and expertise needed in businesses can be conveyed among them.

  • Job Posting

    This is designed to give opportunities to employees who want to challenge new types of work and
    motivate them. It is carried out regularly or frequently to increase productivity and employees 

  • FUNdi Cultivation

    Fundi means professionals, experts, or teachers. Any employees who are willing to share their expertise and
    talent can become FUNdi. In addition, FUNdi receives technical training outside and 1:1 personal training

  • Leadership Education

    This is intended to strengthen leadership capability needed for each position by providing a one-year
    new recruit competence development program, a training program for employees in each position
    who get promoted, leadership education for managers, and more.

  • Job Training

    This program is designed to nurture professionals in each position by operating basic courses for
    engineering and marketing, advanced courses for each section, and a professional course.

  • Language Education

    Educational programs are conducted to bolster employees’ language levels through the telephone,
    learning clubs, etc. The company pays for speaking tests by official organization three times a year.


  • Evaluate basic
  • Evaluate job competence(Presentation,Group debate, Peer interview, Personality/aptitude test)
  • Evaluate Person- Organization fot




Designs from planning to completion of public, private, dev-
elopment projects, redevelopment/reconstruction, and more.
The core is to figure out project conditions as well as plan a
product that satisfies clients. Furthermore, it draws Posco A&C’s
identity by developing designs of building, floors, and facade.


Performs overall managing works from planning, design, con-
struction to maintenance, and provides management services
like process, project budget, and quality. Also suggests proposals
of construction period and cost reduction through design review
and VE based on highly developed technical capability.

Design Build

Manages cost, process, quality, safety, and environment at the
various sites in Korea and internationally, such as apartments,
mixed-use housing, officetels, general buildings, etc. POSCO
A&C’s systematic and advanced on-site management process
sets you free from simple execution of construction work and
helps attain capacity to comprehensively manage and realize
things from project profits and losses to customer needs.

Modular System

Performs overall activity for product development from modular
design to process technology to manufacture the products to
meet the domestic and international clients’ needs, and manages
producing process for cost competitiveness and efficiency
improvement. Modular factory in Cheonan delivers improved
quality and reduced cost by managing safety and process while
office in Seoul supports project management and technology



The company POSCO A&C

The company
POSCO A&C Dreams

A company that ensures various opportunities for learning; sufficiently evaluates efforts for jobs; creates a humane atmosphere; and sencerely shares good and bad things We at POSCO A&C strive to make a company where individuality and personality are respected.

Knowledge Sharing
and Educational Culture

Employees are selected as Fundi (in-house tutor) or voluntarily recommended to share knowledges. They also coach as tutors for-house training courses.

Knowledge Sharing and Educational Culture

A Happy Company
filled with Fun Activities

In-house radio station helps forget stress and fatigue caused by daily workloads.
This broad casting also entertains and conveys personal stories and song requests.
We at POSCO A&C makes efforts to keep our staff active everyday : the free hug event to
express love and gratitude among employees and the chocolate event on Valentine’s Day.

A Happy Company with Fun Activities


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