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Organization in Charge: Internal Control Department

In 2011 POSCO A&C set up the Internal Control Department as an organization in charge of ethical management for ethical standard to
take root as a corporate culture as quickly as possible.
The main duties of the office are to supervise the execution of ethical management including training/education, PR and counseling/con-
sulting, and operation of ethical practice programs and evaluate the implementation level, including the establishment and implementa-
tion of the relevant systems.

Ethical Helper System

POSCO A&C newly appointed ethical helpers by department and office in 2012; they supervise ethical practice activities including the
review and improvement of ethical risks of the department concerned.
An ethical helper assists the department head, operates an autonomous practice program for corporate ethics, and carries out and
supports ethical counseling, dissemination of the relevant information and notices, and training/education.
The Internal Control Department devises corporate ethical training/education and workshops each year targeting ethical helpers and
strives for the enhancement of ethical practice mindset and role activation.

Autonomous Corporate Ethics Practice Program Emphasizing Autonomy
and Responsibility by Department

As employees’ recognition of ethical practice spreads and gets established, and since there is a need for the department head to
assume responsibility for carrying out one-notch-higher ethical practice activities autonomously, we have been operating the
Autonomous Corporate Ethical Practice Program since 2011. The program is carried out in three stages annually, and all department
staff members participate in the program under the leadership of the department head. The program involves discovering depart-
ment-peculiar risks and improving selected projects.

Major Activities by Stage

  • Stage 1. Ethics Diagnosis

    Diagnosis of department’s ethics practice level and status through questionnaire survey

  • Stage 2. Task Selection

    Establishment of department’s ethics vision and personal ethical practice goal Education of corporate ethics managed by department head Selection of unethical prevention tasks through department debate

  • Stage 3. Task Implementation

    Establishment of activity plan for selected task and implementation of activities

Corporate Ethical Reporting Center (Red Whistle Keeper)

POSCO A&C operates the Corporate Ethical Reporting Center (Red Whistle Keeper), which can receive ethical standard-related counsel-
ing and reporting through website, email, telephone, and fax. Counseling and reporting can be used by general people as well as
POSCO A&C employees and stakeholders, with the confidentiality of the informant thoroughly guaranteed. We prevent unethical activi-
ties through such counseling and reporting system in advance and spearhead corporate ethical practices through two-way communica-

Reporting Center

  • Tel.+82-2-2018-7720
  • Fax+82-2-2018-7796
  • Address Internal Control Department, 7F POS Tower, 577 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Sexual Harassment Prevention Counseling Center

POSCO A&C operates the Sexual Harassment Prevention Counseling Center to shape a sound organizational culture; sexual harass-
ment prevention counseling can be received through email and telephone.

Counseling Center

  • Tel.+82-2-2018-7119 (number for sexual harassment counseling only)
  • Fax+82-2-2018-7796
  • AddressInternal Control Department, 7F POS Tower, 577 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


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